Our in-depth review highlights that while it offers a decent range of trading instruments and platforms, it does not stand out significantly in any particular area. Must be really atfx broker review good otherwise there’s no chance of getting these many 5 star reviews with not even one of them star. A lot of the other brokers are out there to scam people’s money.

  1. We have worked to gather hundreds of data points about ATFX to give you the most comprehensive guide available.
  2. Withdrawal of money is possible at any time from your ATFX account.
  3. Clients can also enjoy full account management via the sleek client portal.
  4. The company has several active social media accounts for both its global and U.K.
  5. Like most brokers, withdrawals can only be made by the same method as the original deposit.

Can I pay in other currencies other than USD?

You will then get some login details that you will be asked to keep in a safe place and that you will need for future access to the platform. ATFX offers the Trading Central, a research and technical analysis tool for all ATFX clients. The Trading Central is one of the most efficient data analysis providers for forex and CFD traders. ATFX offers a straightforward forex and CFD trading experience.

Spread Betting

Yes, you can open an account with ATFX if you are residing in Hong Kong. However, the broker does not offer its services to residents and US citizens due to the stringent laws which prohibit CFD trading on both domestic and foreign platforms. Besides, ATFX also does not provide services to politically-exposed countries such as North Korea, Syria, Iran and a few others.

Account Types Offered by ATFX

They still provide you with the ability to trade all of the major pairs but offer a limited selection of minor and exotic currency pairs on their platform. ATFX offers market news and regular analysis and updates on relevant financial news on its portal. Moreover, they have partnered with Trading Central to offer top-tier technical analysis. Trading Central has been providing key insight into momentum-based trading opportunities since 1999.

ATFX connects traders and investors to the forex and CFD markets, acts as an STP broker, meaning the broker obtains the best spreads and commissions from its liquidity providers. ATFX uses some of the newest technologies to get the best rates from its liquidity providers, removing the conflict of interest between the trader and a forex broker. There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable, or that they will not result in losses.

Although ATFX provides comprehensive trading services at competitive prices, there are other brokerage firms in the market offering similar solutions. We have prepared a list of the top options that traders can consider as alternatives to ATFX. The features of the demo account include the choice to trade in about 100 financial products across forex, gold, oil, indices and cryptocurrencies from your PC or mobile. And Irelands and allows you to speculate on financial markets using margin. Furthermore, spreads for ATFX spread-betting accounts are generally competitive and start at 0.6 pips.

Trading is very simple, you will have the asset list on the left side of the screen, the charts where you can buy and sell assets on the right side and the trading history on the bottom. To trade with an asset, all you have to do is select one from the asset list and decide whether you want to sell it or buy it depending on what your strategy is. The first time you click on one of the two, a risk disclaimer will pop up and you will have to accept the terms and conditions before being allowed to continue.

The monies ATFX accepts for deposit are USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, NZD, CHF, ZAR, SGD, JPY, CAD. If you are confident of your knowledge and understanding, you can open an account with ATFX. We have tested communication with ATFX support in a variety of languages across multiple countries. We tested the livechat experience with ATFX and it works well.

Selecting the right broker is vital for your ATFX investments to flourish. However, be cautious of counterfeit and untrustworthy brokers hiding in the shadows, ready to exploit naive traders. In this fast-paced world of financial markets and trading, you will need advice to make correct decisions.

There are also no commissions and spreads are competitive, starting at just 0.6 pips. Spread betting lets you speculate on the rising or falling markets. It includes tools to limit risk, such as stop-loss limit orders and balance protection. Spread betting is popular for traders who want to diversify their portfolios. It is also popular for those who want to trade with leverage and a small investment.

The broker requires a minimum of $200 as an initial deposit for you to be allowed to access the trading space and start trading forex, CFDs and so on.. Another positive thing about it is that no fees are charged, no matter what payment method you choose, be it debit or credit cards, e-wallets or wire transfers. If you wish to find out more about what ATFX is, what they offer, their fees, trading platform, regulation and so on, we recommend reading this review. All websites and web-based platforms are tested using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. Our Desktop PCs run Windows 11, and we use MacBook Pro laptops running the latest version of macOS to test trading on the go. We test mobile apps and products using iPhones running iOS 17 and Samsung devices running Android OS 14.

Many unethical brokers attempt to pressurise consumers into bigger funding for premium services. ATFX, on the other hand, is much more concentrated on trading volume. https://traderoom.info/ Traders can expect trading conditions to be just, honest and transparent. The more lots traded by the user, the greater advantages will become available.

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When you make an actual trade, like buying a stock or an ETF, you are charged trading charges. In such cases, you’re spending a spread, funding rate, or a commission. The sorts of trading fees and the rates vary from broker to broker. If you want to trade with ATFX, you will need a minimum deposit of $100. This deposit is required if you want to start trading with ATFX.